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A successful online marketing campaign is one that can be broken down into segments that can be analyzed and reviewed to further help the development of the specific marketing segment being reviewed. WebMarketing411 has analytics and measurement systems and tools to break down all marketing efforts and determine what is working well, and exceeding ROI goals and what segments need to be further modified and optimized to exceed their goals as well.

Website Analytics – Where, When & How

WebMarketing411 uses analytics to analyze where your website traffic comes from, when it comes, and what traffic sources result in conversions and specific actions. Some of the information we are looking at and analyzing includes:

Website Visitor Location: This can be broken down by Country, Region, State, City, etc. to show what areas should be further explored for direct targeting. Example: if it is determined those visitors in a certain geo location are converting at a very high rate then we can target a very aggressive Pay Per Click campaign to target strictly that area. The ability to break down each visitor’s origin is a huge competitive advantage that can be leveraged to further enhance the effort and results.

Time Spent On The Website: A very important factor to look at is the bounce rate of the website. If visitors are quickly “bouncing” off, or quickly leaving the site that lets us know that there is something wrong with the current layout of a website. We can then take on-site design changes and monitor the bounce rate to find a winning formula. Sometimes simple solutions such as button locations and or colors can be the difference of a successful campaign and a complete failure. Our experience can quickly identify problems and create changes to improve the time a visitor stays on the website. The longer the stay, the better the chance in it resulting in a sale or conversion.

Traffic Source: This is a very important metric, and we can look at all traffic sources and determine and break down every visitor based on the source of origin. There sill be direct traffic (those visitors that simply type your website address into the URL bar, referral traffic (coming to your site through another website), organic search traffic (finding your site from a keyword or search phrase), or pay per click traffic. This then can be further analyzed to determine what search terms deliver the most traffic and the conversion rate for each term. We can then take the data from the organic traffic and then implement those highly profitable keywords into PPC marketing and drive even more traffic.

Web Analytics Data For Further Optimization

Once all of the data is extracted and reviewed we can then eliminate segments of campaigns that are under performing or not producing favorable results, and expand and scale the methods that are delivering above the target ROI. The data can then be used for other online marketing platforms. For example, if we discover that users in a certain state are converting extremely high for a specific keyword, we can then expand to other PPC networks and use the same data to expand the reach in that area across multiple Pay Per Click networks. This is an example of scaling a successful method.

To learn how we can use our analytic and measurement systems to further enhance your marketing efforts fill out the contact form above, and a team member will contact you to discuss your needs.

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