Video Marketing

Video marketing is a huge part of a successful online marketing campaign. Did you know that YouTube is the second larges search engine next to Google? (Note: Google owns YouTube) The use of videos to create and build brand awareness has become increasingly popular, and creative videos are a great way to get your message to go viral.

automated linkedin lead generation has access to a video production team that has years of experience creating commercials, marketing messages and edgy videos designed to attract viral attention.

Our team of marketing experts along with the video production team will work together to create a video message to demonstrate your product or service, showcase its abilities, or any other message that you want to broadcast. The opportunities are endless when you have our creative minds working for you!

Video Design & Marketing

Most companies will simply create the video for you and then they are done. You are then left to figure out how to get people to see the video! What good is a video if nobody is going to see it? That would be money foolishly spent! WebMarketing411 uses the video in our marketing plan and perform SEO on the video to draw in views and comments on YouTube and also submit the video to other highly visible video channels. The goal is to get your video a large reach through various distribution avenues.

Video Marketing SEO

Since YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine there has been a huge interest in getting videos to rank high for specific search terms, and this where our video search engine optimization comes into play. VSEO (video search engine optimization) works similar to standard SEO, as it is all based upon high quality and proper optimization factors. linkedin lead generation automation has taken our extensive SEO experience and developed a winning formula that gets videos top organic search rankings, and with our ability to create high quality video production, it will make your brand stand out above the competition, in both terms or ranking position and video quality. Face it, if the video is poor quality or boring the user is going to click the back button and quickly move on to the next video. We prevent that by giving them a top quality video.

So, as you can see there are two major pieces to video marketing, and both are needed in order to fully take advantage of the website traffic that is available from video SEO.

Website Video Production

During the video creation process our creative team will come up with several possible concepts and we take your input and likes/dislikes into consideration when finalizing the concept. The same goes for the production process, as you are involved along the way, constantly watching the progress evolve to make sure you are happy with the video direction.

VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization)

We then use our secret sauce and formula to get the video to rank at the top, delivering views that turn into website visitors. Consumer’s love watching videos, and this is a great way to introduce them to what you are selling!

Contact us by using the form up top and find out how our video marketing service can help increase the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign. Our video experts are standing by to assist you.

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