Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing awareness has skyrocketed over the past several years and now it is a virtually essential part of any successful company’s automated linkedin lead generation. There is such a large social media consumer base, and using this method allows you to get your message in front of a very large number of users, on a national level or on a targeted local level.

Atlanta Social Media Marketing Experts

Our experts design a social media marketing campaign for each client based on their business, industry type and marketing goals. Some businesses have the goal of acquiring a larger follow/fan base, and some have the goal of turning social media traffic into sales and conversions. We design a campaign to meet as well as exceed your goals! Our Social Media Marketing experts are always up to date with current trends, which keeps you ahead of your competition and at the forefront to the newest social platforms.

Facebook Social Media Marketing:

  • Establish a business Facebook page/profile and optimize the profile and page to meet the goals of the SMM campaign
  • Constant posts designed to reach the business “fans” and encourage social sharing to further expand reach
  • PPC campaign creation if client desires
  • Increase awareness by continuing to build the following
  • Create polls, contests and other viral marketing strategies to build fan base and user engagement
  • Custom application creation and development

Twitter Social Media Marketing:

  • Creation of custom Twitter profile page
  • Continuous building of the follower base
  • Daily Tweets to followers to encourage re-tweets and further reach and expansion
  • Using #hashtags and @mentions to further optimize the effectiveness of tweets
  • Following of related twitter accounts
  • Posting engaging content via Twitter to engage followers and create awareness

linkedin lead generation automation:

  • Set up a Google+ page for the business
  • Install the Google +1 button on the businesses website
  • Create circles and begin to add Google members to those circles
  • Develop methods to share information among the Google platform to deliver page authority and stronger search engine rankings

YouTube Social Media Marketing:

  • Create business profile and channel
  • Optimize channel
  • Creation, uploading, and management of video media library
  • Optimize titles, descriptions, and tags related to relevant keywords
  • Consult with client to develop new videos, and create a plan to generate subscriptions, views and comments
  • Discuss strategy to get videos to gain viral status and exposure

Pinterest Social Media Marketing:

  • Create board and categories relevant to business
  • Game plan relevant pins and posts
  • Optimization of post content for SEO gains
  • Development of plans to gain followers and continue to build that base
  • Connect to popular accounts to gain more reach

Linkedin Social Media Marketing:

  • Develop profile outlining the businesses timeline of achievements
  • Network with similar professionals to expand reach
  • Establish a communication channel with personal contacts to build brand reputation
  • Establish company as a industry leader

There is literally an endless source of social media platforms, and the above is just a small sample of the more popular social sites. Contact WebMarketing411 today to discuss your needs and our professional Social Media Marketing staff can custom design a social plan to help grow your business. Fill out the contact form above and we will immediately contact you.

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