If your company is in need of a professionally managed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, then WebMarketing411 can help. By allowing us to run your PPC efforts it gives you the power of having a full time PPC specialist managing every aspect of the campaign without the cost of a full time employee.

PPC Expert – WebMarketing411

Without fully understanding how to fully optimize a Pay Per Click effort the costs can be enormous, often times several times the cost of a properly managed campaign. Without our professional guidance and expertise your PPC marketing could be a money pit, costing your company money without seeing a return. WebMarketing411 fully understands the importance of maximizing your return on investment (ROI) and has a system put in place to ensure that all of our managed PPC campaigns are fully optimized and exceeding the ROI goals of each client.

Companies that do not have a full grasp or understanding of how PPC works can literally blow through thousands of dollars overnight trying Pay Per Click marketing. We have not only helped countless companies run profitable Pay Per Click campaigns, but over they years we have managed our own various PPC efforts. marketing automation and lead generation has spent a small fortune in testing and development, and as our client you greatly benefit from our experience.

PPC Management Process

1. Overall campaign creation, consisting of adgroups each containing relevant keywords and ad copy. This also involves keyword research to find high quality keywords that convert.

2. We then optimize the campaign to deliver a high quality score, which has a direct impact on the ad position as well as cost per click. To achieve a high quality score the ad copy must be directly related to the keywords as well as the destination landing page. We optimize the landing page to match the PPC campaign to get the lowest possible cost per click as well as have the ads show in the highest position.

3. Full landing page analysis: what good is driving a bunch of traffic to a website if the end user lands on a low quality page, or one that is not easy to comprehend. Our professional optimization and design team will make sure that the pages we are sending visitors to contain clear call to actions and are extremely easy to navigate.

4. Through conversion tracking we can track the keywords that are resulting in the higher percentage of conversions and then modify the PPC campaign to deliver a higher overall conversion rate based on the data we are able to analyze.

5. Monitoring of the campaign occurs on a daily basis to ensure that we maintain targeted click through rates (CTR’s) and costs per click (CPC’s) across the entire campaign. Our constant analysis and optimization helps to improve the ROI on the PPC effort.

We can help your company grow through a successfully managed Pay Per Click effort regardless of your budget. We help local companies with monthly advertising budgets as low as $1,000 a month to national companies that spend over $250,000 monthly on PPC advertising. Find out how we can help your business use Pay Per Click advertising to increase sales and awareness by filling out the contact form located at the top. One of our PPC experts will give you a call to discuss your current situation as well as marketing automation for lead generation.

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