One of the most popular pillar concepts is a List Article

You must have gone through a lot of articles or the blogs articles with the titles like “Top 5 ways to…” or “Top ten most favorite…” such articles work quite well for these reasons;

Lists are easily liked by human beings.

People like to read the stuff which is precise and to the point. According to some recent Information Technology reports people prefer to read the articles which are from 300 to 700 words range and which have clear bullet points in them. Good, interesting and compelling titles of the articles also pull a lot of traffic. Moreover people like the stuff which is less time consuming and that’s why such articles are preferred by the readers because they can be read quickly.

Lists provide automate lead generation ideas to the readers and they are according to a simple plan and convince the people to perform certain actions in a very simple and straightforward way. People prefer to share lists with their friends and followers because lists have simple message in them. People love to share lists on their social networking profiles and that’s a proof that lists can be promoted in a fast and easy way.

Lists have the entire standard pillar content rules like they are easy to go through, they are unique and they solve problem in a very simple and elegant way. If your lists are helpful for the readers of your blog and people are sharing them then you can say that all of your lists can act as your pillar articles.

Your style of writing lists is also very important. You must make sure that your lists are short and easy to understand. And if your style and tone of writing is interesting then people will definitely love your lists. You must not copy other people when it comes to lists, you must follow your own style and make your lists unique in your own way.

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