Local Search Marketing

The term automatic linkedin lead generation is also referred to as Local SEO, as more and more companies are learning about the power of search marketing. The campaign requirements of a small local company will sometimes greatly differ from a national big name brand. The larger company many have a service or product that has a national audience and a marketing campaign can be developed, but a small local business that only offers a service or product to a localized area then it requires a different search engine optimization approach.

Local SEO Services For Atlanta Businesses

The purpose of local search engine optimization (SEO) is to optimize and improve the ranking of a website to target terms that will deliver a higher online presence and visibility for individuals in that local market.

If your business only caters to customers within your local area then you can greatly benefit from a local SEO campaign. Imagine an auto repair shop located in Atlanta, GA. They would be targeting people within a 20 mile radius form their shop with terms such as “auto repair Atlanta” or “Atlanta car repair” in order to reach possible customers. This is a great example of a Local SEO campaign. If they did a national campaign and targeted generic terms like “auto repair” not only would it cost a tremendous amount of money, but they would be wasting money attracting web visitors from people located all over the country.

Local SEO has become very popular and has also changed a lot over the past several years. WebMarketing411 has changed with the times and continues to be a leading provider of Local Atlanta SEO services. Through local marketing we can help you target specific cities by zip code or proximity to your business. This delivers laser targeted traffic to your site. We help companies from all corners of the country with their local marketing efforts, and can do the same for you!

Local Mobile Marketing

As more and more people are armed with smart phones, it gives them the ability to perform a search on the go right from their cell phone, and linkedin automatically generate leads local marketing can help you attract those customers as well. Local search is the majority of all search queries performed since it is usually done to locate a close business. By having a strong local SEO campaign working for you it will ensure that you do not miss the increasingly high number of searches performed on smart phones each day. If you are not trying to position your business as #1 for mobile searches then you are throwing money out the window every month.

Google Places SEO

Google Places is a very powerful feature that can instantly position your business ahead of all other organic search results, as the Google Places (Google Maps) results are now shown at the top of the organic results. These listings contain the businesses location (physical address) and contact details. By optimizing the businesses Google Places page, we are able to get the listings to appear at the top of the search results for the localized search terms. WebMarketing411 can create a Google Places page for your business and optimize it to achieve top rankings.

Contact us right now by filling out the form located above, and learn how our local marketing can greatly help your business grow. We look forward to speaking with you!

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