Inbound Marketing

linkedin automated lead generation is a method that takes all of your website traffic and funnels it through a funnel, with the end result being customers and revenue. Getting visitors to your website is a very complex process and all of the online marketing in the world will be useless unless you have a very effective inbound marketing funnel set up to turn visitors into paying customers.

A successful inbound funnel works like this:

1. Use a aggressive online marketing campaign to attract visitors to your website. This is done through highly optimized websites and content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

2. Capture the website visitors information to further market. This is accomplished by creating a submission form to capture at least their name and email address. In order to get them to fill out their information it is a good idea to give them incentive to do so. A free report, or free information regarding the product or service you are selling is generally a great way to capture their information prior to them leaving your website. We can help you position a great offer in front of your visitors and help optimize it in order to capture the highest percentage of visitor details.

3. Create a drip feed marketing campaign to gently market directly to the prospects that submitted their information. We create inbound marketing copy and email responders that will present direct offers in timed intervals.

4. Entice the marketing base to re-visit the website through special offers or coupons with the end goal sales and conversions. Develop optimized text and html email templates, and split test variations to determine the most effective copy. Continue to test and develop, increasing the conversion rate along the way.

Exit Offers & Backend Offers

Once you capture the visitors information from their visit there are a number of different ways to monetize each contact, and automated lead generation real estate is an expert when it comes to developing exit offers and backend offers to generate additional revenue from each site visitor. Under some circumstances it may be very lucrative to present offers immediately after they submit their contact information. Or, present them additional offers through an email marketing campaign. The opportunities are limitless and the potential offers will vary depending on they type of business or service your company offers.

Our team of expert inbound marketers can create a custom solution for your business that can generate additional money, which can be used to cover online marketing expenses, or be re-invested into other marketing methods.

There are two difficult elements when it comes to inbound marketing, and WebMarketing411 can help with both. First, it takes many factors to be working together to collect the data in the first place. We develop incentives that will have your visitors handing over their contact information, and they we set up programs to turn them into repeat visitors and customers. It takes the right amount of offers and the right amount of pressure to push the “buying button” and result in sales. This is something that we have perfected over the years and will be happy to implement into your business.

Contact our inbound marketing team right now to learn how we can turn your website visitors into a constant customer base to market to. Simply fill out the form above and we will contact you promptly.

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