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WebMarketing411 has a team of content marketing professionals that specialize in creating content that is both SEO friendly as well as user engaging. Our lead generation marketing automation gives your website the content required to achieve and maintain top search engine rankings, as we work alongside our search engine optimization department to ensure that the two work together to achieve the end goal: top rankings. The content marketing team also creates the page copy to be reader engaging, and the site visitor will never suspect that the sales and article copy is over optimized garbage.

Many websites have a very spammy feel to them when you read them, and this is usually the result of keyword stuffing by inexperienced SEO companies. Not only does it result in visitors leaving your site, the search engines will now penalize sites that are over optimize and stuff their content with keywords. The search engines, and especially Google want to show only high quality and relevant websites in their search results.

Some Examples Of Proper Content Optimization:

  • Average keyword density of 2% – long gone are the days of just placing targeted keywords throughout the site content. It is extremely to stay within the limits. It not only helps the site rankings, but it is a better user experience for your website visitors.
  • Proper use of images with optimize tags
  • 1 – 2 keywords in each page title
  • Proper use of H1 and H2 tags throughout the content

Our Content Marketing Blows The Competition Away

Our content marketing team is in-house, and can create well written and targeted copy for virtually any topic, and this is a very big key to a successful overall online automatic linkedin lead generation. High quality content helps with the SEO and also with the conversion success.

We can provide content for our clients that are utilizing our Search Engine Optimization service, or we can provide stand alone content to those companies just requiring high quality website content.

Too many companies outsource their writing and copy overseas and it is quite noticeable, often reading in broken English. Also, when outsourcing it is very hard to get the low quality content to work in sync with the SEO campaign. With WebMarketing411 you can be sure that your website will only contain professionally written content from US based writers that understand what it takes to create content that works with the marketing efforts.

Our SEO Copywriting Service Delivers High Quality Website Content

There are several parts of a successful marketing campaign that require high quality content and copy. The two most notable are:

• Website Pages: Each page on your website will typically be developed to target one or two keywords. The home page will typically feature the main keyword, and all of the inner pages will then target a specified keyword. Each page will need properly optimized content to rank well in the search engines. This includes the actual copy, as well as the title tags and URL’s. It all has to gel together to deliver the best possible results.

• Blogs & Landing Pages: Some blogs are hosted within the main site and can be developed to help explain service or products, and some blogs are done as unbranded information sources that then direct visitors to the main website. Both require high quality content marketing in order to be successful. Landing page copy is typically short and to the point, designed to get a quick action or conversion.

Contact us today to see how me can provide your company with high quality content linkedin automatically generate leads. Simply fill out the form located above and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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