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We have all seen them over the Internet, and some of them have very large followings and readership numbers: Blogs! They range in topics from health, fitness, home improvement, political, and there is virtually a blog out there for any topic or subject that you could imagine. So, how can blog marketing help your business? A blog is a great way to get potential consumers interested in the product or service you sell in a way that does not to appear to be “in your face” automated lead generation.

Our Blog Marketing Service Drives Website Traffic

WebMarketing411 is experts in developing very informative blogs that are designed and constructed in a way to have the reader click through the information and land on your main website where they can now see the service or product that you offer related to the information they were just reading. It is basically a soft pre-sell, where we create articles on the blog for each service or product you sell and explain the benefits of what you are offering without naming the company or mentioning purchasing. This style allows the reader to fully absorb and engage in the information without feeling that they are being sold.

The blog marketing articles list all of the positives and benefits of what we then direct them to on your site. Example: if your company sells supplements and we were doing blog marketing for a weight loss pill then the blog would be tailored around all of the benefits of the product as well as an example of the results obtained from the product. This peaks the readers interest and gets them very interested in the product. At the end of the article we include something similar to, “Click HERE to find out more about this amazing product,” and this link is to the page of your site that sells the product marketed in the blog article. Now, you have a consumer landing on your site after reading all of the benefits of the product, and this greatly increases the probability of the visit turning into a conversion.

Blog Marketing Process

  1. Creation of the blog name, domain name, and layout. This is also considered “unbranded” marketing automation lead generation
  2. Selection of products or services that will be promoted through the blog marketing effort
  3. Content team will then create reader engaging informative articles and reviews about the selected products or services
  4. Blog articles will then be optimized to direct the reader to the main website
  5. Installation of analytical and tracking tools to measure ROI
  6. Constant monitoring and testing of the blog marketing campaign to reach and exceed goals and ROI expectations

This is a great way to get a competitive advantage within your industry and market. Most companies will just directly market their service or product and direct expensive website traffic right to the sales page. Many of the people searching for the terms that land them on these sites are individuals looking for information about the service or product. By sending them to an unbranded review and information article you are able to guide the reader through the article, baiting them to then click over to your order page. If you answer their questions and inform them before presenting them with the offer they are much more likely to convert.

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